Our People

Ross Hudspeth, Owner/Brewmaster

When Ross Hudspeth started brewing in his kitchen and later his backyard with his friends, he wasn’t imagining opening a brewery. But when he realized the beer he made could actually be good, and he couldn’t keep up with how fast his friends were drinking it, the idea of perfecting recipes and opening a small brewery of his own kept coming to the surface. He started taking classes, attending homebrew meetings, and getting positive feedback from local brewmasters. As the beer got better, the dreams got bigger, and a plan to open a small garage brewery turned into a brewery and taproom in downtown Renton.

Mary Hudspeth, Owner/Manager

A teacher for 13 years, Mary decided to retire to dive into the brewery business. She was inspired to see the hard work Ross was putting into his dream and wanted to help him turn that dream into reality. She enjoys the challenge of learning new things and is excited to see where this venture leads.

MikeMike Hudspeth, Owner

A former Air Force Fighter Pilot and current Airline Pilot, Mike got his start appreciating great beer during his first assignment in Germany. His travels today let him sample beer from around the world and he appreciates the variety available. He is excited to use his college degree in Chemistry to help fine tune the already excellent Renton water into the perfect starting point for his son’s beer.