About Us

A local, well balanced, handcrafted brewery, where small batches rule!

Old City Hall

The minute we walked into the Old City Hall, we knew we wanted to have our brewery here. The original brick walls and wood ceiling joists give such a warm, welcoming atmosphere that hearkens back to Renton’s coal mining and logging roots. Our taproom features live-edge wood tables and bars to complement the original features of the building.


Brewmaster Ross Hudspeth is passionate about creating delicious, local, well-balanced beers that are new and exciting but also delving into traditional beers of other countries. Expect to find new twists on Pacific Northwest style beers as well as forays into other regional beers from around the world.


Seeing the meticulous care Ross took in consistently improving his beer and his passion to make it the best he could inspired Mary and Mike to jump on board and support Ross’ dream of becoming a professional brewer. A truly family-owned business, we are in it together to make great beer and create an atmosphere where the Renton community can feel at home.